How to Jailbreak/Sideload apps on Windows Phone 8 (and Windows Phone 7)

Requirements: 1- An active Windows Phone developer account (through Dreamspark or the App hub) – Find out how to get a dreamspark students account here: 2- A Windows Phone 7 or 8 Device 3- the Windows Phone 7 or 8 Developer SDK (download from here: ) 4- A Micro USB cable 5- Zune installed on your PC (if using a WP7 device) Please don’t ask for help until fully reading the dreamspark activation guide and following all the steps. DO NOT ASK WHERE TO DOWNLOAD PIRATED APPS!!! *These steps can be used to unlock any Windows phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 device including the Lumia 505, 510, 610, 620, 710, 800, 810, 820, 822, 900, 920, HTC 8X, HTC 8S, HTC Titan I&II, Samsung Focus 1&2, Samsung Atvi S and any other Windows Phone device. Pick up some Windows Phone 8 devices for cheap over here: Check out the best Cellphone and accessory prices from Amazon over here: Or browse all of Amazon through our discount store links here: Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe- and if you have any suggestions for apps, demos or products to cover drop a comment down below For more Awesome posts and video check out AliGoneMobile:
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  2. can i do it without zune installed on my win7(PC)? i’m using lumia 620(win8)

  3. can any body give me his/her account please :(

  4. Theres no Windows Phone and App Hub anymore…..
    any suggestions?

  5. Hey man can i do a windows phone 8 device without having windows 8 pc? im on windows 7 atm. wil i be able to do it with SKD 7.8?

  6. I have trouble with this can you help me please.

  7. hi, Ali Can you tell me please, whats the point of unlucking the phone? :/

  8. Hello i cant verify my account as student in dreamspark. help pleeeasee :(

  9. can i unlock a windows 8 phone with a windows 7 computer?

  10. is this jailbreak legally o.o?

  11. cant register or verified my account in dreamspark help :(

  12. where is that button, or did it change into something else??

  13. Hey! thanks for ur time for this guide! but i’m stuck at a place!
    i read ur site and the steps, but now im at the step of

    “From Developer and Designer tools select ‘Windows Phone and App Hub”

    I can’t find the Windows phone and App Hub” button or whatever it is! i got verified at dreamworks!

  14. ambassadorseaweed27

    Wait, but what if youre not in college yet? can you still get a dreamspark account? Because I’m in 11th grade right now. How could you get an account some other way?

  15. Suhotro Majumder

    Thank you so much for your time !
    And nice video guide !
    Cheers !

  16. Once it again ti depends which version of the app you downloaded perhaps. (there could be a WP7 and a WP8 version etc.); besides that I have no idea, sorry.

  17. Suhotro Majumder

    Thanks for the reply. But the problem is I can install the apps directly from my phone using Marketplace (Say Facebook for windows phone). But after uninstalling it, can’t install the same app from PC through App Deployment. Do you think one can’t deploy xap files which are manually downloaded from windows phone website? Is there any other legal website to download xap files? Thank you once again! :)

  18. Hey, that probably means the App you’re trying to install isn’t compatible with your phone (maybe it’s a WP7 only app) or requires a certain screen resolution etc.

  19. Suhotro Majumder

    Hey..Thanks for the video. But I’m having a problem. A have done each and every steps properly. And I have a registered unlocked phone. Then I’m downloading Apps from the Windows Phone website, and when I’m trying to Deploy the app, it’s showing “XAP file invalid”. Can you tell me what is the problem? Thanks again for the video !

  20. Dos this work for windows phone 8s?

  21. Fitzroy Ochotorena

    how do u get a devlepor account

  22. Diego Bonilla

    Does this work for a tablet?

  23. you sir, are the best! thanks great vid…

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